Agility & Innovation Award

Nifco America will recognize an individual or group with the Agility and Innovation award for exemplifying Nifco's corporate philosophy. Individuals or groups will be considered for the award when they are proactive in the innovation of new ideas and technologies while challenging and cultivating new methods for inventive corporate growth.


The award is to encourage individuals to be

-Productive and break through

-Communicate and collaborate

-Challenge and innovate new ideas and method


To be an elite and agile supplier of plastic automotive components, Nifco needs associates with the ability and opportunity to drive change with inventiveness. Nifco encourages a culture that celebrates generating new ideas and technologies for personal and corporate growth. Innovation happens when associates are encouraged to break methods and expectations for the purpose of time savings, cost savings, or better functionality.

Nifco Corporate Philosophy

Agility and Innovation award
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Previous Recipients

Q2 2020

Shelbyville Production team received the 2020 Q2 Agility and Innovation award. The team was chosen for sourcing, assembling, and donating face shields during the early stages of COVID-19. The group quickly pulled together necessary materials and found an assembly method for face shields, to help protect health care workers in their community. They used their technical knowledge to be of service to their community and each other.