Below you will find six different projects that associates have developed or deployed during Q4 of 2020. Please take the time to read about each project and rank them in the fields at the bottom of the page. All associates that had an entry about their work will be recognized for their efforts.

Joseph Cooper-Smart Factory Improvements

Joe implemented Smart Factory improvements. He developed a system to store Master Setups for molding in the Cloud. Production can now automatically audit against these masters. He also programmed automatic label printing for totes at the press. This reduces error and saves the operator time at the press.


Brad Smith- Customer Complaint Countermeasure Database

Brad created a database to track root cause and countermeasure activities for customer complaints and chronic issues on the floor.  This information will allow his team to direct activity to close these issues and provide lessons learned for future issues.


Anita Wiseman- Leader in the Adoption of the Data Collection System

Anita is a significant implementor of the WOW SPC Electronic Data Collection System for Quality Collection. Through positive energy and always finding a different way, Anita reflects bringing expectations into excitement to her peers. She communicates with her other team members so they can overcome the daily challenges of production. She is breaking barriers each day in the quest for perfect quality. Implementing in new data collection system can be frustrating however, Anita took the challenge head-on and to own the new system.


Allen Leatherwood-PPAP Management and Completion

Allen used the technology available to create the first-ever annual PPAP dashboard metrics. He worked incredibly hard on the PPAP workload, an activity outside of his regular job scope. He has helped Nifco sustain high-quality parts and bring Nifco to greater compliance with our customer base.


Angie Lim & Ramatoulaye Mbaye- QCP/SIF Improvement Process

The Sales and Accounting teams worked together and eliminated process steps in QCP/SIF process, saving Accounting 12 hours per week. The Sales Team submits QCP/SIF directly to the SIFNEW box. The teams are working to eliminate more steps to automate the process further and improve efficiency.


Jonathon Travis and Charles Branstool- AAE Loader Implementation and Maturation

AAE loaders are a loader system with great promise that needed to be matured in CNL. JB and Charlie have worked with the manufacturer of the systems to create solutions and try a variety of ways to improve the system for our needs. This includes making sure there are spare parts available and training/learning. Overall, the systems minimize the amount of regrind being thrown away and allow us to put Harmo grinders in the scrap yard.

Rank the Projects—most deserving-1 to least deserving-6.

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