Quarter 1 of 2022 Candidates


Ray Rogers

Nominated by: Jeremy Rogers - Leadership

Taking on the challenge of a common issue in plants & streamlining the countermeasure as quickly as possible

Ray had a customer issue that required sorting of a small clip. After reviewing how many parts were sorted in 1 day, Ray focused on improving the activity . Ray found an old aligner jig plate that fit the clips perfectly. So he trialed the activity & found the short shots fell perfectly thru the plate. By doing this activity, Ray increased sorting from 30k per 8 hours to 150k per 8 hours.

Cross Funcational Team

Team: Chris Wiley, Harold Johnson, Albert LeBlanc

Nominated by: Andrew Clouse - Tooling

Rapid Prototyping for new Non-Automotive Customer, Rogue Fitness

The team worked together to make a prototype in less than 2 weeks in house for some Rogue Fitness parts - A great potential new avenue for Nifco to Pursue outside of Automotive. The customer requested prototype parts quickly and they worked together to build a prototype and supply these parts in an extremely short period of time. (Design & Tooling)


Sapna Kaushik

Nominated by: Kannan Anathakrishnan - Accounting

Accounting Automation Projects


Sapna played lead role in automating the following accounting process from the IT perspective, which helped substantially improve efficiency in Accounts Payable area:

  1. AP Invoice automation - She was instrumental in development and start up of the invoice automation. Manual entry of invoices have been reduced by 62% (more than 3000 invoices per month)
  2. Wire Transfer Automation - This project reduced average time spent per month by total of 5 hours between 2 associates
  3. DA Access payment method -  This project now captures all leases in AP subledger rather than by a manual journal entry resulting in time savings of 2 hours/month.

Team: Fred Tabor and Matthew Spence

Nominated by: Gina Kretz - Smart Factory

Canal Warehouse Shipping

Fred designed an iPad interface for Truck Drivers to sign in when they arrive and a Trip Manager interface that allows the Shipping Department to assign trips to each truck.  Matt designed a status screen that allows everyone in the Shipping department to monitor driver status.  This will help Shipping track how long drivers are waiting, which can help avoid/dispute customer complaints for long load times, as well as provide them data that can be used for improving efficiency.


Brian Riggs

Nominated by: Troy Lewis - Tooling

This project was well supported by Mike Bennett Drew Easter, and Matt Vaugh

Brian found a solution to cracked or missing inserts on glass channels making it to the customer. Installed A-side ejection to prevent sticking and cracking of insert. Also installed insert detection sensor pin to reject shots without an insert present. This reduced sort, risk of tool damage and bad parts being received by customer. The effectiveness of this project has resulted in yokatan of this to other glass channels.

Cross Funcational Team

Team: Luis Colomo and Alfonso Rivas

Nominated by: Hiroshi Ogawa - NNP

Nifcoin Kaizen Program

Creatively developed and put into place a program designed to promote and motivate CUU plant associates to share kaizen ideas for improving company profit.

Cross Funcational Team

Team: Jesus Salado and Baltazar Matinez 

Nominated by: Hiroshi Ogawa - NNP

Continuous looking for solutions and optimization of processes and systems

The team created a system to analyze data connected to scrap to optimized molfing process and imprve overall profit.


 Tammy Hiser

Nominated by: Todd Stevens - Logistics and Customer Service

Increase Inbound Repack Carton

By Tammy staying attentive to the needs of the Inbound Repackers we were able sucessfully achieve excessive increase of cartons. Every Container that gets packed out on the Inbound side allows to avoid any choke points or slow downs going through Outbound which allows us to service our customers on time.

Cross Funcational Team

Team: Alejandro, Miguel Cardenas, Juan e Dios Enriquez, and Daniel Villa

Nominated by: Hiroshi Ogawa - NNP

Lean Manufacturing

The team optomozed the CUU plant aiming to increase productivity and increase profit margin.

Production Engineering

Ryan Daubenmire

Nominated by: Matt Lindsey - Production Engineering

UR Robot addition to M4 pack-out

Ryan put a lot of time and effort into learning how to program the UR robots and was able to quickly get it on the floor to start reducing head-count.  This is a great kaizen activity and the second robot has already been delivered to be placed on M1 for even more man power reduction.

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