Quarter 3 of 2021 Candidates


Jeremy Redding

Nominated by: Andrew Clouse & Travis Gorham - Tooling

Creation of a new R&D Venting Prototype Tool to validate various material venting

Jeremy quickly created a prototype venting tool that demonstrates various vent depths that any material can be run in to maximize vent depths for best tool performance. This was used on the capless holder to reduce gas burns to improve OEE for those parts. This will also be used for many other problem tools with gas venting issues and this information will be shared globally.


Skylar Stafford

Nominated by: Adam Caperton - Customer Quality

Creation of System for sort tracking improvement

Based on the philosophy of Frederick Taylor's efficiency movement, Skylar looked for ways to "work smarter." Skylar recognized that too much time was spent entering internal sort information. With some implementation help from internal quality and IT, Skylar has created a system to scan each box to be sorted. This will transfer all but the sort findings to a computer-based system. This improvement will eliminate countless hours of handwritten data entry, and transferring that information. It will also eliminate errors from attempting to interpret the handwritten information.

Production Engineering

Ryan Daubenmire

Nominated by: Andrew Clouse - Automation

Custom EOAT & Auto Pack for micro part (26032)

Ryan created a box catcher EOAT & indexing conveyer to auto count and pack 26032 micro parts to avoid the micro part packing challenge for post molding scales (Also eliminates micro part scatter since the box catcher EOAT catches every shot). This auto pack method allows operators to only change totes once per shift and skips post molding. This will be Yokoten to other presses in the Ohio plant as well.


Team: Jesus Salado, Victor Atondo, and Francisco Rosales

Nominated by: Hiroshi Ogawa - NNP

Develop a system to charge and mix resin and regrind material using dryer and mixed hopper equipment.

After an opportunity to see similar equipment, the team started to think freely and create a new system to get the same result. Same purpose, different way & cheaper!


Joseph Cooper

Nominated by: Gina Kretz - U20/BI

Creation of Toyota Skid Build process

Skid Build process allows SLB to transmit accurate data to Toyota, allows Users to see their progress in real-time, and saves time on kanban and paperwork processing is done daily.

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