Motion Control Devices

Combining function with an elegant aesthetic appearance, Nifco excels at components and assemblies that move and change in response to our customers’ needs. Our designs utilize injection molding experience, often combined with our motion control devices, to provide the customer with features both useful and satisfying.
Whether your application requires concealed storage, variable-size cupholders, position-able sun visors, or any other movable feature, Nifco can help.


For smooth, cushioned ejections, Nifco America's Damper selection offers a versatile product. The Damper is most commonly installed in a compartment like a glove box door. Use it in a high-revolution site like a CD player or a center console attachment. Nifco has multiple models for vertical and horizontal function development. With highly durable, heat resistant, and torque adaptive models, Nifco America has the Damper for your luxury attachment.

Nifco damper for luxury design in the automotive industry
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Nifco America has the ability to serve clients in a wide variety of specialties and industries. Research & Design, Tooling, Injection Molding, and Shipping are all areas in which we have extensive experience. We use this expertise to spark innovation by fastening small insights with technology for a better world. Whether you are looking to implement revolutionary technology or renovate an existing product, chances are we have a Nifco team member ready to assist you.


Take a look at our service offerings in automotive interior, exterior, fasteners, kinematics, powertrain, fluid control system, motion control devices, ADAS, and buckles. Or contact Nifco today.

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