Perhaps the greatest advancement in the automobile industry is the refinement of the driving experience. The average car owner today routinely experiences a level of convenience and comfort reserved for luxury cars of yesterday. Much of this can be attributed to advances in the car interior.  

Nifco’s cutting-edge expertise utilizes the best materials, techniques, and a clear understanding of consumer buying trends, to ensure the best and most cost-effective components available.

Detachable Cupholder

Nifco's insightful fastening technology has changed your everyday cupholder in the automotive industry. The detachable cupholder is our newest design, and we predict this to be a popular trend in automobiles. The high-quality injection molding plastics have made it possible for our team of design engineers to create a multi-modular design located through an electric vehicle. Our patent design includes electricity for wireless charging and low tones of light-up features while keeping safety as a main priority.

Nifco automotive cupholders have been in the industry for over 20 years. The top automotive OEMs and Tier 1s have proven the Nifco quality for our design to be easily assembled and long-lasting.

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In-Mold Piano Black

The luxury design of the piano black is often costly and timely with a high risk of an orange peel effect. The styling groups in the automotive industry will strive to create this high-gloss shine for the interior of their next vehicle. Nifco In-Mold Piano Black allows you to keep the beautiful high gloss style while reducing time, cost, and wasted material. Nifco offers this in-mold method in multiple colors and part sizes.



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Nifco America has the ability to serve clients in a wide variety of specialties and industries. Research & Design, Tooling, Injection Molding, and Shipping are all areas in which we have extensive experience. We use this expertise to spark innovation by fastening small insights with technology for a better world. Whether you are looking to implement revolutionary technology or renovate an existing product, chances are we have a Nifco team member ready to assist you.


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