Nifco Patent Protected Design

Detachable Cupholder 



Nifco Americas' R&D team of automotive engineers has developed a quick detachable cupholder to provide an enhanced user experience in vehicles that provides trending features with overall autonomy for customers. Contact Nifco America today to customize our detachable cupholder to fit your demographic characteristics.

Nifco Removable cupholder design
Nifco concept graphic

R&D modules can easily be adjusted to scale and fit the center console in your next vehicle. Each feature has the capability to be designed for reversible concepts optimizing customers' preferences to create a custom car for their lifestyle. Modules include but are not limited to: 

  • Wireless cellphone charging 
  • Dual Cup Holders
  • Storage Bins
  • Pocket Device Holder
Nifco Design Header Image - Patent Pending

The detachable cup holder is designed to be a flexible style change per OEM customers' target audience.  Ergonomic removal in any direction allows for ultimate UX and UI. Quickly reverse or change out the module to adjust to one liking. The design can be located in all areas of the vehicle while being interchangeable: front center console, rear center console, 2nd-row seating, 3rd-row seating, and front passenger seat.

Nifco Concept Design modules

Contact us to create a custom model to fit your clientele personalization

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