Advanced Driver-Assistance System

Nifco is your partner in mounting and setting complex and ever-changing safety systems in your vehicles. We have extensive experience in windshield camera covers and brackets, milli-wave radar brackets, EMI absorbing covers, parking sensor brackets, BSI radar brackets and covers, and many more.

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Camera Spray Nozzle

Nifco camera spray nozzle jet 3d rendering

A Camera Spray Nozzle or a Camera Spray Jet on a vehicle typically refers to a mechanism designed to clean camera lenses, particularly those used for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) or other surveillance purposes. The camera spray nozzle ensures that the cameras maintain a clear and unobstructed view, especially in challenging conditions such as rainy or dusty environments. By periodically cleaning the camera lens, the system can continue to provide accurate and reliable information to the vehicle's safety and navigation systems.


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Camera Cover

Back of snap install camera cover ADAS

NIfco fastening technology is easily overlayed into brackets for interior parts such as camera covers and sensors. We have mastered packaging space and mold techniques to enhance product functionality.

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