Camera cover slide vs snap

ADAS Camera Cover

Nifco America interior ADAS camera covers come in multiple designs and mechanical fastening structures. The 2 most popular options are our patented slide and snap-fit attachments. Contact us today to see how our fastening technology can increase the overall function of your camera cover design.

traditonal camera cover wirth metal clips to install

Today's Market

It is easy to overlook the functionality of camera covers which can often lead to the use of metal snap-fit clips. During service, these metal clips can be forced and bent. If damaged, this could lead to a high risk of passengers hearing shakes and rattles above them. Metal clips, when serviced, are known to bend and deform in the automotive industry.

metal snap fit clip for camera cover
Nifco concept graphic

Nifco's simple and innovative design creates a seamless appearance in a smaller packaging space. Our integrated design allows for low ergonomic clipping and faster assembly cycle times at the OEM or tier supplier. Nifco's improved camera covers significantly lowers the inherent risk of NVHs after serviceability while providing a tool-less experience. Check out our two favorite designs below, snap versus slide.

Slide Camera Cover

interior ADAS slide camera cover

60N Sliding Force

Back of Slide install camera cover

Mount and secure the ADAS equipment onto the back of the camera cover. Push the appearance side of the camera cover and hear the clips engage with the bracket and snap into place. To service the ADAS features, slide the body of the cover to release the integrated clips. This results in damage-free clips with a positive user experience.

Snap Camera Cover

interior ADAS snap fit camera cover

98-180N Tuneable Removal Force

Back of snap install camera cover ADAS

Nifco America's Camera Covers are not only designed to conceal the ADAS products but integrated fastening technology has been built into the camera cover and holding bracket. This simple feature only takes a handy flathead screwdriver to open the mechanical bond when servicing the hidden ADAS components. To attach the cover back to the ADAS bracket, lightly push to activate the technology's low ergonomic features to secure the cover.

Challenge our Design Engineers to create an exceptional solution for your company!

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