Nifco Patent pending camera spray jet

Camera Spray Nozzle

Nifco America’s spray nozzle design has been developed by our ADAS experts with the end customer in mind, providing them with a hassle-free experience. With our low ergo clipping install and precise, pronounced pressure, our technology provides a better solution than current products in the market. Contact us today to review our Camera Spray Nozzle concept.

Camera Spray nozzle in action

Today's Market

Camera spray nozzles are located beside your automobile's front or rear camera. Much like windshield spray nozzles, the design provides cleaning functions to camera systems that prevent diminished visibility from dirty camera lens surfaces. This concept is essential as the automotive industry further implements cameras for self-driving functions. 

Common camera spray nozzle designs in the mobility market are complex to produce, with expensive manufacturing costs. Competitors' camera spray nozzles often have large packaging space requirements and inefficient cleaning abilities. 

Competitor camera spray nozzle
Nifco concept patent pending

Nifco's simple and innovative design creates a seamless appearance in a smaller packaging space. Our patent-pending design allows for integrated ergonomic clipping and faster assembly cycle times at the OEM or tier. Nifco's improved camera spray nozzle design cleans a larger surface area and increases spray intensity by 460% for a smudge-free cleaning experience. This design is essential to the automobile industry as we see a rapid increase in the use of cameras in all vehicles, including self-driving, PHEV, and EV.

Nifco Americas Camera Jet Cleaner Test
Nifco camera spray nozzle jet 3d rendering

Challenge our Design Engineers to create an exceptional solution for your company!

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