piano black interior vehicles for a high gloss luxury design

In-Mold Piano Black


The Piano Black color is a beautiful, high-end, luxury design that will upscale any OEM's basic vehicle models into a rich, enjoyable ride. The piano black style is often a costly, timely process with a high risk of orange peel effect. Nifco has implemented the same look while cutting down on cost, time, and risk. Contact a member of our sales team to see for a quick quote on In-Mold Piano Black for your next electric vehicle.

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Today's Process for Manufacturing Painted Parts 

Painting parts is a labor intensive process with multiple variables that can affect the appearance of the end product.

Due to various steps and procedures in place, this becomes a costly process. An overview is listed below:

    • Pre-treat the part
    • Apply layers of paint
    • Apply clear coat
    • Oven cure
    • Inspection
    • Pad print (optional)
    • Packaging

One of the main issues with painted parts is the orange peel effect which can be a challenge during the development cycle. most often this is due to premature evaporation of the thinner, incorrect spray gun, improper shop setting, and excessive paint.


Nifco Piano Black to eliminate the orange peel effect
Nifco concept graphic

In-Mold Piano Black

When working with Nifco you gain expert injection molding engineers with in-depth experience in developing the piano black color in the mold.

Certain parameters are met in tooling criteria to eliminate the risk of an ugly orange peel effect while improving cost and time. Our process includes:

    • Molding the part
    • Inspection
    • Pad print (optional)
    • Packaging
In-mold piano black method of painting side by side comparison

Inquire a sample of Nifco in-mold piano black today!  

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