Nifco America on the cutting edge of vehicle customization

Chevrolet has pushed vehicle customization to a new level with the 2020 Corvette Stingray. There are thousands of ways to customize the 2020 Corvette Stingray, with an online platform to visually see the color, trim, and style changes you are making in real time, Chevrolet has created a new standard for car buying.


Nifco America is proud to be part of this innovation producing the cup holder assembly. “We knew this was big when we found out the number of colors and textures that we would be producing” says development engineer Chris Doyle. Customers can build the exact Corvette they would like, including choice of seatbelt color, engine specks, interior trim colors, and so much more. “There has been a shift in the market, customers want to be able to buy a car from their device. They also want features that matter to them. This brings those ideas together in seamless and intuitive way.” Says research and development design engineer Kelly Miller.

Nifco America specializes in interior assemblies that require motion control devices. The Corvette cup holder has a Nifco patented dampener on the lid, as well as safety features to ensure the cup holder stays closed in high G or crash circumstances. Design general manager Kevin Hardy had this to say about Nifco’s future “As a company we are proud to be able to produce an assembly in Ohio that is part of a new wave a vehicle buying, Nifco will continue to strive to be innovative in our design, manufacturing, and assembly methods as the automotive market changes and evolves.”

For more information on Nifco capabilities or Kinematic cup holders please reach out to us on our contact form below. We will connect you with an account manager and design engineer.

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