Nifco Accordion Clip for Door Trim

The Rocker Panel Fix! 



Nifco Americas' in-house team of design engineers has developed an innovative  Accordion Clip to increase the protection of vehicles through the rocker panel while providing freedom for styling designers. Work with Nifco today to customize the Accordion Clip to fit your project to receive a custom quote for your project.

Today's Market Example: Ford Rocker Panel

Today's Market

The rocker panel is a plastic cover located between the frame of the vehicle and the body. Currently, in the automotive industry, these covers are assembled using Nifco trim clips and/or metal fasteners which often require the rocker panel to be greater than 90 degrees for attachment to the frame. The large angle exposes the frame, allowing rapid wear down from weather elements while creating a disadvantage to the styling group.

Nifco Concept


The Accordion Clip features two different methods of attaching the fastener to the rocker panel cover. A common push insert or the sliding feature, using the four fins located on the top of the panel. Once the rocker panel is attached to the body using Nifco's trim clips, effortlessly press the collapsible staircase of the Accordion Clip into the bottom side of the body to secure the rocker panel. This method will allow for greater control of the angle on the rocker panel and provide extended coverage to the vehicle body for weather protection and enhancing the appearance.

Nifco Accordion Clip Design

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