shoot and ship injection molded angle clip for the automotive industry aka banana clip

Angle Clip


Automotive OEMs often approach Nifco to solve multiple problems. One of our favorite examples is the Angle Clip. The angle clip is originally designed for assembling and servicing a vehicle's plastic cladding. Now the angle clip is being used in multiple areas in automobiles. 

Today's Market

The plastic cladding on a vehicle is also known as fender flares. During assembly, OEM will insert a plastic injected molded fastener standard trim clip into the doghouse, then install the fender flare at two different angles, causing shear stress to the clips and bending stress to the flare. Additionally, it is more difficult for line-side associates to install, as it is less intuitive and increases the amount of time to install the clips. Styling groups may receive constant push back from engineers with the limits and concerns during assembling while using a traditional trim clip. Below you can see the punch sheet panels in the body as a mating hole for the plastic cladding.



plastic cladding assembly automotive plastic fastening clips
traditional force install while binding the part
Nifco concept graphic
Angle Clip also known as Banana clip available in all sizes mating holes

Angle Clip 

OEMs can easily install the plastic cladding on a vehicle with our angle clip using the same mating hole as the previous method. The Nifco concept uses ergonomic force in one quick direction to fasten the exterior cladding. The extreme angle at the base of the wing of the injection-molded POM clip will significantly reduce the stress put onto the clip for ergonomic serviceability.

The shoot and ship Angle Clip is designed with a doghouse holding module to reduce vibration with a waterproof umbrella effect. Our design can easily be altered to any angle degree, doghouse width, and mating hole size for steel painted, steel e-coat panels, aluminum, and plastic.

Angle clip provides an easy secure install

Challenge our Design Engineers to create an exceptional solution for your company!

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