Conductive Pipe Clamp

Nifco Patented Design Conductive Clamp

Nifco Americas' in-house team of design engineers developed an innovative  Conductive Pipe Clamp to dissipate static build-up in the prevention of fuel fires. The Nifco way is lightweight, rust-free, and easy to handle. Work with Nifco today to customize the Conductive Pipe Clamp on your project.

Nifco Conductive Pipe Clamp Comparison


Today's Market

The conductive metal clamp on the fuel line is designed as a safety feature to dissipate static build-up. high volume static has the capability to jump off the fuel line and travel through the body of the car. The purpose of the the costly metal bracket attached to the fuel pipe line is to ground the static and keep the static onto the fuel pipe line. 

The conductive metal bracket currently being used is heavy, costly, and large. 

Nifco Concept

The Nifco conductive clamp attaches to the fuel line and anchors to the body of the vehicle which creates an easy one-step installation.  Our R&D team has developed 2 effectively conductive designs that reduce the cost, weight, and assembly time. Nifco is known around the globe in the automotive industry for unique plastic fasteners with features that are rust-free and lightweight while being user-friendly. 


Engineered Polymer Clamp

Nifco Black plastic conductive clamp

Volume Resistivity: 0.2 ΚΩ

Low Ergo Force with High Retention 

Low Cost

Nifco Design metal throughout the plastic

Nifco's design uses an engineered polymer to conduct and ground the static. The clamp will fill the gap between the body of the car and the fuel pipe to keep the conductivity flow rate secure. Our team of engineers and lab techs have carefully crafted a lightweight, easy-to-install clamp that will save OEMs time, equipment, and packaging space. 

Metal Insert Molded Clamp

Nifco Patented Design Conductive Clamp

Volume Resistivity: 0 ΚΩ

Low Ergo Force with High Retention 

Low Cost

NIfco Patent Design Plastic Conductive Clamp

Nifco's in-house team of Design Engineers developed a clamp with a conductive metal insert to conduct and ground the static. The Metal Insert Molded Clamp design is 100% conductive due to the larger metal unit.  The overall design of the Metal Insert Molded Clamp has a solid foundation of Nifco's original "M Clamp" and creating a space for conductive design. 

Work with Nifco today to spark innovation by fastening small insights with technology for a better product and a sustainable world. 

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