Patented ganged seat clip tier 2

Gang Style Seat Clip


Nifco's unique lightweight, takt-time saving solutions have revolutionized the automotive industry for over 50 years. Our leading-edge global innovation has changed seating in vehicles with assembly time improvements and ergonomics.  Contact us today for a hands on experience with our gang-style seat clip.

Foam seat in EV

Today's Market

The automotive industry has made improvements in establishing the most comfortable, durable seat for occupants. When viewing how a seat is constructed, the first step is to remove the fabric case. This is often a variation of leather and vinyl. The case is attached to the foam padding with a small metal fastener known in the automotive market as a "hog ring."

Tier seat suppliers will have a mold to form the cushion. Metal rods run along the cast to help form the shape of the expanding spray foam while creating a section for the hog ring to fasten the fabric cover to the foam seat.

Nifco concept patent pending

Nifco's patent-pending gang style seat clipping feature allows tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers a quick toolless assembly. The low ergo design reduces weight and produces a faster, user-friendly installation with a mold-in element. 

Our expert knowledge in injection molding has made it possible for seat clips to be bound together with easy breaking points located on the edge. The overall purpose of the design will enable improved takt time, overall fewer parts, and remove bottlenecks during assembly for an effortless lineup when attaching the fabric.

Nifco seat clip in foam from tier 2
User-friendly seat clips for automotive
Nifco tier 2 foam mold seat clip

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