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Pressure Relief Valve



Pressure relief valves, also known as PRVs, are designed to safely manage and release the internal pressure of an electric vehicle battery system. Our in-house Design Team of engineers has extensive technical knowledge of vent placement and functionality that can be applied to various battery systems. Contact us today by clicking on the button below. 

Pressure Relief location on EV battery


The benefit of electric vehicles (EVs) being efficient while exceeding customers' demands is quickly revolutionizing the automotive industry. The battery component of the vehicle is the main difference from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Battery packs create a variety of safety hurdles to overcome during everyday use, such as pressure during rapid charging, extreme temperatures, and internal malfunctions. These events generate excessive heat or gas that the equalization membranes cannot expel in a timely manner. The Pressure Relief Valve activates to help reduce the risk of fire or explosion and damage to the battery by promptly releasing the pressure and protecting the occupants.

Many battery packs have a ventilation design with many small PRVs on the same pack. These ventilation systems have low, inconsistent flow, which could lead to greater risk to the vehicle, occupants, and first responders. These systems also have more imprecise opening pressure, which is a significant disadvantage to OEMs. Not having quality data and poor output sets back advancement in innovations and EVs.

Nifco Design

Here at Nifco, it is a common saying that "safety is non-negotiable." This plays a pivotal role in the products we design, ensuring the well-being of both vehicles and occupants. Nifco's Pressure Relief Valve releases extreme battery pressure in a controlled manner to help prevent catastrophic failures from escalating within the battery pack and overall vehicle.

Our engineers have developed an injection-molded product that improves functionality, reduces cost, and decreases weight. Combining lightweight, heat-resistant engineered resin with Nifco's technology allows for a high, constant flow to release harmful gases that are building up in the battery pack during thermal runaway. The small packaging space and quantity reduction have set Nifco's Pressure Relief Valve apart from our competitors.  Contact us today to see test data on our battery ventilation designs by clicking here.

Nifco pressure relief valve

Contact us to create a custom model to fit your hybrid or fully electric vehicle. 

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