EV bumper retainer solution for OEM

Push Pin Bumper Spacer  


Nifco's unique lightweight, rust-free solutions have revolutionized the automotive industry for over 50 years. Our leading-edge global innovation has changed bumper spacers in vehicles with greater safety, less weight, and reduced environmental impact. Contact us today for a Push Pin attachment bumper retainer on your next EV project.

EV Bumper retainer location in the rear

Today's Market

Bumper spacers, also known as bumper retainers, are located just behind the front and rear bumper in every automobile. The intention behind them is to provide equal spacing with a flush finish between the body panels on the exterior part of the vehicle. The bumper retainer provides a quick fastening attachment of the physical body bumpers.

Traditionally the plastic bumper spacer is attached to the frame using tools for each screw, creating a lengthy takt time. These screws will often rust out, creating obstacles when being serviced. It's not uncommon to see multiple bumper spacers in one area in a perpendicular order to create the curve around the vehicle.

Nifco patented products


Nifco's pre-assembled push pin gives OEMS a quick toolless assembly. The rust-free design reduces weight and produces a faster install with low ergonomic stress. Our in-house design engineers have structured the umbrella feature of the clip to create a waterproof seal for electric vehicles.

Our expert knowledge in tooling and injection molding has made it possible for bumper retainers to have a flexible hinge. The overall purpose of the design will allow for improved takt time, overall fewer parts, and remove restrictions for an easy line up when mating holes for Nifco's automotive fastener.

Nifco pin insertion on bumper spacer
Nifco push pin for lower assembly time on OEM

Challenge our Design Engineers to create an exceptional solution for your company!

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