Below you will find six different projects that associates have developed or deployed during Q1 of 2021. Please take the time to read about each project and rank them in the fields at the bottom of the page. All associates that had an entry about their work will be recognized for their efforts.

Manny Valejo and Jimi Anderson-Warehouse Rack Labeling

Manny and Jimi ideated and implemented a new rack labeling system for the warehouse. The system increases efficiency and reduces the risk of common picking issues. The system has had positive feedback in its limited implementation thus far.


Neal Straton- Testing Optimization

Neal consolidated testing of multiple programs to save time and resources allocated to material testing. The consolidation of testing reduces repetitive work with the same result as the previously used system.


Tina Thomas- L1PM Countermeasure

Tina and her team created a system to verify L1PM's were completed on time and correctly. This system verifies the L1PM's quality is what is expected and keeps records of the work done.


David Jones- Capacity Management System

David created a capacity management system for the KY plant to reduce overtime and weekend work. He merged data into a user-friendly format.


Coral Alvidrez Acosta- USMCA certificate tracking system

Coral created a system to track and store USMCA certificates of origin. This database will help Nifco avoid penalties from customs authorities.


Hiroshi Ogawa, Alejandro Pena, and Gabriela Flores-Training and Performance Evaluation System

The team has created a system to track and improve associate skills development. Online tools are used to assess, encourage, and record carried out activities and new associates' skills.

Rank the Projects—most deserving-1 to least deserving-6.

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