Snapfit clip also known as a garnish clip to attach automotive accessories to the vehicle

Snapfit Clip



If you are in the automotive industry you know snapfit clips are a staple when attaching interior garnish trim to vehicles.  Our long-term partnership in the automotive industry is due to Nifco's high-quality plastic, cost savings, and schedule driven projects. Work with us to allow styling group to improve their  garnish trim

door trim with no fastening capabilities

Today's Market

Door and dashboard trim is an influential feature when creating a high-end, luxury look in an interior design. During assembly, the OEM will receive a trim with improper fastening ability to the interior body. This creates limits in design, assembly, and serviceability down the road. It is common for inconsistent ergonomics when attempting to secure the garnish trim to the interior. Styling groups will be limited when designing OEM crucial interior due to improper fastening. Servicing a vehicle can be tricky when the trim is not designed with correct ergonomics. Often trim posts will break or crack when removing creating shake and rattle noise.   

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The Snapfit clip has a smooth installation glide and the snap noise made once fastened is oddly satisfying to the majority of automotive engineers and associates in the assembly unit. The design of our durable clips allows for multiple service use. Our design engineers has developed multiple Snapfit clips custom to each OEM for a perfect ergonomic attachment and removal.

Contact us today to design a custom Snapfit clip for your garnish trim.

Nifco garnish clip for door trim and dashboard trim
Snapfit clip also known as a garnish clip to attach automotive accessories to the vehicle

Contact us to improve your assembly by designing a clip of your project!

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