Nifco fastener catalog featuring stud grommet design for the automotive industry

Stud Grommet!



The stud grommet exemplifies Nifco's mission of generating ideas and cultivating technology to turn your expectation into excitement. Our team of engineers has developed a stud grommet to be used in multiple locations and a wide variety of use.

Nifco Design Header Image - Patent Pending
nifco stud nut grommet close-up

Our most common place you will find stud grommets is in pick-up trucks. The stud grommet has multiple connection features to trim or cover components in a vehicle. To attach the Stud Grommet, push the injection-molded stud grommet into place or slide into the doghouse for tolerance stack-ups.

The stud grommet is a TOOL-LESS ASSEMBLY. 

This one piece design provides OEM a lower cost while improving quality. Our lightweight product fastens to a bolt by pushing the stud grommet down over the rivet section of a bolt. To service the vehicle, easily unscrew the bolt and remove the case. The process is so simple, try for yourself by requesting a sample sent to you from our team of design engineers by clicking here.

nifco automotive Ford case to be install by slide or push
nifco fastener - stud grommet for oem quick assembly and easy removable

Contact us for a sample and design the stud gromment for your vehicle!

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