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This is Nifco.

How it Started

Toshiaki Ogasawaras, the founder of Nifco, started his professional career with Steel Brothers carrying reak from Burma to England. While at Steel Brothers, he quickly turned to strategic expansion through partnerships with his mentor, encouraging him to study in London, United Kindom, where he majored in trade. Ogasawaras's curiosity led him to sell velcro as a joint venture with Steel Brothers in 1960 under a newly established business, Nichiei Bussan. Under 20 employees, Nichiei Bussan was a top importer of copra (dried white coconut) to tobacco. Nichiei Bussan then parenterd with ITW. as established as a corporation.


Toshiaki Ogasawaras established a Nifco Spirit that embodies small beginnings leading to greater things, from facing challenges to selling solutions to creativity. While being thrifty and profitable, Nifco will always be close to customers with quick responses.

Nifco spirit

The Nichiei Bussan and ITW partnership's original name was ITW-Nifco. The collaboration ended after ten years, and Nifco Inc. was established.

Nippon Industrial Fastener Corporation
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Nifco Strategtic Values 

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