Nifco featured hidden trim clip

Exclusive First Look! 

Nifco releases the most beneficial trim clip to suit automotive OEMs' needs during installation and repeatable removal on panels often located within car doors and on wheel wells. Scroll down to see the performance results of the most innovative trim clip in the automotive industry or unlock the clip by contacting us today!

OEm often use trim clips in on door trim and door panels in the automotive industry

Today's Market

Trim clips are commonly assembled into metal painted panels or e-coat panels for the automobile industry. Current off-the-shelf products deliver a large ratio of insertion effort between painted panel and e-coat panel (in-punch direction results shown below). The serviceability force for the current clips on the market, while still in spec, vary in retention performance. Furthermore, the repeatable retention for consumer serviceability of these clips weakens after each iteration.

Nifco Concept header Image

Hidden Design Features 

Nifco's upgraded trim clip has improved ergonomic capabilities, which could accommodate the reduction of tools on the line and allow for hand assembly. Referencing the bar graph, you can see the lower insertion force for in-punch direction conditions. The impressive capability of insertion force for painted panel (16.7N) & e-coat panel (30.4N). Especially how this new clip’s insertion force for e-coated panels reduces the effort by 66%!


Nifco's unique design provides predictable service performance with its retention capability. The hidden feature enables consumers to conduct multiple iterations for repeatable service without damaging the clip. Our engineers have designed the upgraded Nifco clip to obtain a lower insertion force and maintain a consistent removal force of 135N with in-punch direction for both painted and e-coat panels.

data of trim clip with punch direction

Testing Results: Data reflects punch direction assembly

NIfco upgraded trim clip data esults on painted panel

While Nifco’s upgraded trim clip has improved capabilities from current designs, it still has the common innovative technology you expect with a trim clip. This new design can be scalable for implementation to unique mating conditions. The clip includes the preferred double umbrella design to limit vibration between clip and doghouse attachment.

Unlock the upgraded trim clip by reaching out to Nifco! 

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