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About Nifco

Nifco is well known in the automotive industry around the world for our lightweight, rust free fastening technologies. Our fastening ability ranges from interior, exterior, powertrain, and ADAS. Contact us today to excel your next fastener ability. 






Fluid Control System

Push Lifter

Nifco Push Lifter was developed for fuel doors and EV charging port doors. Simply push in to open the door and close the door to lock the fastener back into place. The Push Lifter in the Nif-Truck is designed to hear the satisfying click to know the fastener is installed correctly, open, and locked. Our patented Push Lifter is a silent option that offers a luxury component to vehicles.

Nifco Push Lifter for doors

Hole Plug

Hole plugs can easily become a popular product on the assembly line. Our design allows for extended capabilities during manufacturing and styling groups. If your door needs a few extra holes for assembly access, simply cover the hole to create a water seal and reduce vibration. These products are a shoot and ship with multiple off-the-shelf sizes available at Nifco America.

Nifco OEM hole plug off the shelf, ev approved