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Nifco is well known in the automotive industry around the world for our lightweight, rust free fastening technologies. Our fastening ability ranges from interior, exterior, powertrain, and ADAS. Contact us today to excel your next fastener ability. 






Fluid Control System

Push Lifter

Nifco Push Lifter was developed for fuel doors and EV charging port doors. Simply push in to open the door and close the door to lock the fastener back into place. The Push Lifter in the Nif-Truck is designed to hear the satisfying click to know the fastener is installed correctly, open, and locked. Our patented Push Lifter has a silent option that offers a luxury component to vehicles.

Nifco Push Lifter for doors

Hole Plug

Hole plugs can easily become a popular product on the assembly line. Our design allows for extended capabilities during manufacturing and styling groups. If your door needs a few extra holes or gaps for assembly access, simply cover the hole to create a water seal that will reduce vibration. These products are a shoot and ship with multiple off-the-shelf sizes available at Nifco America.

Nifco OEM hole plug off the shelf, ev approved

Latch + Striker Fastener

Nifco Latch and Striker are commonly located in doors and lids for a secure close with a pull open. Examples would include fuse boxes and medicine cabinets. The injection mold high quality PP plastic is ideal for durability, light weight, and rust free projects. The fastener installs in a 1 part and standard 2 piece model. Contact us to see our off the shelf sizes that are available.

OEM sample of latch and striker fastener 2 piece clip

Push Push Latch

Commonly used for knob-less doors on TV and VCR sets, the Push Push Latch can serve as a sleek feature on your next design. Simply push the door to unlock and push in again to relock into place. Your door or cabinet design remains unaffected by eliminating the need for a knob or handle. Pair the latch with a damper for a smooth, classy opening door feature. A reinforced, heavy duty option and more made available for your project with Nifco America.

OEm sampe of Push Push fastener by Nifco


The W-Prong is a popular clip for various parts of the car. This widely utilized fastener is often paired with an aluminum or plastic mating hole as a doghouse. Installations with a low ergonomic need will find these clips quite handy. The non-removeable prong offers a strong retention force for skirt fastening and general retaining needs. Other formations include attachment for cable clips and wiring clips to provide easy cable management.

R&D trim clip with w prong


Shorthand for a screw rivet, the Scrivet is similar to our Push Pull Rivet. This classic off-the-shelf product has a high retention force and firm security when fastened. With panel attachment like a trim board, the pushed pin fastener shines. A Phillips screwdriver can easily install and remove the clip. This allows the part to be serviceable while keeping the same fastener to be reused.


Click here to learn more about our Scrivet size and install

Nifco off the shelf scrivet


For smooth, cushioned ejections, Nifco America's Damper selection offers a versatile product. The Damper is most commonly installed in a compartment like a glove box door. Use it in a high-revolution site like a CD player or a center console attachment. Nifco has multiple models for vertical and horizontal function. With highly durable, heat resistant, and torque adaptive models, Nifco America has the Damper for your attachment.

Nifco damper for luxury design in the automotive industry

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Nifco America has the ability to serve clients in a wide variety of specialties and industries. Research & Design, Tooling, Injection Molding, and Shipping are all areas in which we have extensive experience. We use this expertise to spark innovation by fastening small insights with technology for a better world. Whether you are looking to implement revolutionary technology or renovate an existing product, chances are we have a Nifco team member ready to assist you.

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