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Snap Fit Hose Clamp

Nifco's certified in-house lab testing has bullied test the Snap Fit Hose Clamp design and put it out on roads today. Toss out your metal, traditional clamps that require a screwdriver to install and upgrade your next vehicle engine hose with Nifco's Snap Fit design.

Nifco's insightful fastening technology has made hose clamps a tool-less, one touch-fastening process by using injection molding. Nifco plastic clips have been proven to save OEMs and Tier 1s weight and assembly speed while providing a rust free feature.


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Angle Clip

Our in-house design engineers specializing in plastic injection molding for the automotive industry have developed the Angle Clip to ease the assembly process with time and ergonomics. The Angle Clip is ideal for Fender Flares that require a forceful install while bowing the plastic cladding. Our Angle Clip is a prime example of Nifco's exposure in the automobile field for our tool-less, quick touch, rust-free fastening enhancements.



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Snapfit Clip

Snapfit clips are found throughout all vehicles. Most commonly spotted for fastening garnish trim on the doors and dashboard. The smooth installation glide and the snap noise made once fastened is oddly satisfying to the majority of automotive engineers and associates in the assembly unit. The design of our durable clips allows for multiple service use.


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Low Ergo Trim Clip

Nifco's insightful fastening technology has impressed the automotive industry for over 50 years.  Our lightweight, rust free plastic clips have set a standard in the injection molding industry. We have improved one of our most popular trim clip fasteners.

Our new clip’s insertion force for e-coated panels reduces the effort by 66%!


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In-Mold Piano Black

The luxury design of the piano black is often costly and timely with a high risk of an orange peel effect. Nifco In-Mold Piano Black allows you to keep the beautiful high gloss style while reducing time, cost, and wasted material. We offer this in-mold method in multiple colors and part sizes.


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Stud Grommet 

Nifco's design engineering team has truly outdone themselves on this product. The design on Stud Grommet fastener has the capability to be push install or slide doghouse feature. This part is useful in multiple areas of a vehicle. Push the bolt into the grommet for a secure fastening and service the part by unscrewing the bolt.


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